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Call for Papers

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Journal of Insurance and Finance

The Journal of Insurance and Finance is a leading academic journal, which covers academic research and policy research in the fields of insurance and finance. Also, the journal provides a place for constructive discussions among academia, industry, and its economic and social partners.

Every year, six papers, contributed by authors affiliated with non-Korean institutions, will be eligible for the paper with honorarium of USD 2,000(per article, before tax).

Interested authors are invited to submit their papers to

Topics: the areas of risk management, insurance, finance, and related disciplines Submission guidelines: Manuscripts must not have been published in, or submitted for concurrent review with another journal. Authors are required to submit the final version of their papers in MS Word format, and to assign copyright to the journal's publisher. All submissions should be sent to


  • Manuscripts must not have been published in, or submitted for concurrent review with another journal.
  • All articles are reviewed by the two people (or three, if necessary) appointed from the Editorial Board based on the review and editorial standards of the Journal of Insurance and Finance. Editorial Board determines to post in accordance with the result of examination and submitted manuscript will not be returned.
  • In order to enhance the fairness and objectivity of editing Journal, qualifications of Editorial Board and editing procedure are followed by the review and editorial standards and the author of the accepted manuscript will be paid a certain amount.

Publication Procedure

  • Journal of Insurance and Finance is published quarterly.
  • Publication due dates are February 28, May 31, August 31, and November 30, but subjected to change.

Publication Procedure

  • Submit the final version of papers in MS Word, and send to
  • Author should modify or supplement the manuscript after the notification of publishing papers and send back.

Ethics Policy

  • The responsibilities of all authors includes, but is not limited to, plagiarism, falsification of data, misuse of third party material, fabrication of results and fraudulent authorship.


  • It is our policy to ask all authors to transfer the copyright in their contribution to the journal's publisher, since ownership of copyright by the journal owner facilitates international protection against infringement of copyright, libel or plagiarism. Also, it ensures that requests by third parties to reprint or reproduce a contribution, or part of it, are handled efficiently in accordance with our general policy, which encourages dissemination of knowledge within the framework of copyright.
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